Crown Honored Us Business Guide

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An instant New York Times bestseller!

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Being a young Leader and becoming an entrepreneur may be something you have always thought about doing, or something that may have just popped up in your mind. Either way, Crown Honored Us Business Guide will help you out. It includes the perfect Tips to help you along the way. You may already know some of the steps, but this book will breakdowns the most important steps to not just becoming a boss, but a successful and inspiring boss! This book can be utilized to start any type of company, and most of the steps are very easy! Your are taking your 1st steps! Sis is in her bag. Sis is on her grind. Sis is loving herself. Sis is minding her business. Sis is leveling up. You can learn so much this book is the ultimate GLOW UP journal! Perfect for the procrastinators and the perfectionists, alike - WE DON’T JUDGE. If you’re ready to level up so hard that “they” will need to get to know you all over again, crack this journal open and get to glowing, sis! 

 What in the world is a brand and how in the heck do you go about building one?

Crown Honored Us Business Guide power-packed with vital information for every person striving to become the best business owner possible in their elective fields. Mocha Superior has shared her personal experiences and things she has learned along the way. This business guide/book comes equipped with answer, questions, goals, and affirmations. In "Crown Honored Us Business Guide" be prepared to relaunch your business and brand, the guide includes break downs in areas such as customer service, working smarter and not harder most importantly, marketing and so much more.Stay organized and in control with this elegant, professionally designed 12-month daily, weekly and monthly planner.

Crown Honored Us Business Guide is also a guided workbook, geared towards helping small business owners develop & find the voice and spirit of their brand. Whether you're just starting out or are in need of a revamp or rebrand of your existing business, this book is an amazing guide with tricks & tips to taking control of your branded models identity. With so many “brand” words out there like, “brand identity,” “brand personality,” “brand aesthetic,” “brand values,” etc, it can be very difficult and incredibly confusing to even know where to begin.…But you’re in luck! I created ‘Crown Honored Us Business Guide’ to be the ONLY brand-building guide you will need to finally get your branding together AND THRIVING. By the time you’re done with the activities in this highly-interactive book, you and your brand will be an unstoppable force to be reckoned with.

By combining my own story with bold advice and my signature commitment to honesty no matter the cost, Mocha Superior hopes You fall in love with this book and experience!

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  • Paperback, 189 pages; 8 x 10 inches 

  • Every other page features the most important information you need when becoming a buisness owner!

  • Consider this a guided journal full of motivation and positivity. Exactly what you will need to level up in the most insane way